Angry Monkey


Over 3 MILLION ANGRY MONKEY LOVERS!!!!If you think only Birds can be Angry, wait until you meet this Monkey!Enough of Birds, Pigs or Zombies. Its time to save the Banana from the ANGRY MONKEY!Although the game has limited playing space to avoid angry monkey but skill required to play this game is not that hard.STORY:You were hungry and you took a banana. The banana turns out to be a monkey’s possession and now he is an ANGRY MONKEY!Unlike fruit ninja where you destroy the fruits, in angry monkey you have to hold onto the banana. The story is pretty similar to egg stealing story of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars. Just like Temple Run and Temple Run Brave, you have stolen a prime possession and now have to hold on to it as long as you can. The longer you hold on to it, the higher your scoreJust like star wars, you can also use super powers for banana. There are 5 different star wars style powers. Lets see if you use all of them.LET THE WARS BETWEEN THE TWO STARS (MONKEY and BANANA) COMMENCE!!INSTRUCTIONS:*Dont the let ANGRY monkey snatch the Banana!*TOUCH and SLIDE your banana to move it anywhere!*Watch out for Angry Monkey flying like a bird to get the banana!The Game Boss is a game development company that has developed over 20 games on android with most of the games being featured on android top 50 games. Our games have also been feature lots of time on appbrain. AppBrain is the second most popular market after android. Our hit games include Apache Attack, Marine Defender, Mafia Empire, Gang Wars and many more!

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