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Animal fireworks (for Infant)

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Animal fireworks.Tap out the fireworks up in the streets, the pleasant faces of animals.A helicopter flew by tapping the sky, just like a TV relay though!This app just tap for children to enjoy.Launched a lot of fireworks and enjoy a moving helicopter!/// How to Play ///Tapping the streets, fireworks out.Appears when you tap the sky helicopter, was tapped to work. Not just the occasional helicopter. Secrets to the moon ... * Here is mom and dad I look for power users only!After the application starts, it creates a /Android/data/info.kendroid.animalhanabi/ folder on the SD card.Png images to that folder and you can use as fireworks.*Background of the image, please let transmitted.*What color is similar to the color of fireworks. (Black does not work)*Reasonable size is 20x20 in size. Freezes too large.Select the type of fireworks can be character.Please select from the list that is displayed[menu] -> [Select Animal Fireworks]""Fireworks can create a character.Fireworks can be shared with other users made.Please select from the list that is displayed[menu] -> [Make Animal Fireworks]/*/* How to make /*/*Select a color, Please draw on a grid of 15x15.Black color will not be fireworks.Depicts and choose [Clear] will disappear.Will be saved and choose [Save to SD card].When you select when you create fireworks, [Upload and Share] on the menu key,Fireworks can be uploaded to the site made??.Can be shared.If you get the fireworks everyone made??, press the [Get from Share] from the menu key.Please press the "Download" button to select the fireworks you want from the screen.Are stored in the SD card.Fireworks made, you download are stored in the SD card.After you save can be selected for Display / hide from the function [Select Animal Fireworks]* Fixed play speed Android OS 3 or 4.   If you have any trouble please email.Keywords: Animal, Animal, animal, fireworks, and flower, helicopter, infant, child, children, taps, face, colorful, kids, children, kids, kids, preschool, kindergarten, pretty, cute, pretty, cute, beautiful, cute, kawaii, fun, fun, educational, training, toys, toy, toys, ceased crying, Guzuri, stress, healing, healing, crying at night, without it, kids, baby, infant

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