Animal Jump


Jump as high as possible from floating island to floating Island. Make use of all the great Power Ups while Avoiding monsters, Power Downs and falling down.Compete with Friends and Jumpers over the whole world on the online daily, weekly and all time Leader boards.This game includes:- Great game play- Stunning graphics- Online Leader boards (Daily, weekly and all time)- Great game statistics (eg. included with total play time en number of games playd)- Many Power ups- Many Power Downs- Many Enemies- Many Different floating Islands, from static to unpredictable behaviors.- Many Avatars to play with, so use your favorite animal with its’own unique ammunition to fire against all the monsters.- All options are intuitively accessible from only one menu.- The game increases in difficulty by changing the kind of floating Islands, floating Islands distances, Different Enemies and Power UPS Power Downs. So the game experience will be new and refreshing every time you break your own records! – Great sound effects and an addicting game soundtrack(included the option to mute them separately).“ANIMAL JUMP is a jumping game like doodle jump, papi jump, hyper jump and abduction, but Animal Jump is the most impressive jump game out there. Only available for Android (makes iPhone owners cry). Stunning game play and graphics. This is a “Must-have”, if not for its’ amazing game play then just to show off your phone.”If you have ideas or suggestions for improving this game, please contact us!What are you waiting for? Start Jumping with ANIMAL JUMP!This app uses Adobe AIR runtime!

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