Animal Keeper Kids Game


Simple and fun puzzle game!? Introduction: ? Using the accelerometer to control the animal, eat food. And avoid obstacles. ? When you tap the screen, you are allowed to jump.? Features:? Fast-moving animal to eat their food, and to escape he could not eat the food.? Animal Keeper Kids Game can be good exercise the brain’s ability.? High quality HD graphics. Tablet PC can also be used.? Provide the ranking of countries in the world, while also providing the highest world ranking(SCORELOOP). You can also view friend’s scores and rankings, to compete with them!? Best suitable for family, friends, and the kids play with Animal Keeper Kids Game.? Improve children’s memory capacity, and ability to concentrate. The development of children’s cognitive skills, and improve the level of education.? Animal Keeper Kids Game is a free puzzle games for kids, children, baby.? Pretty cute game pictures, interesting and rich game content.? Funny music and sounds accompany the fun game.? Communication  If you enjoy it, please take a moment to rate it. It would help us a lot. Thank you for your support!

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