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Animal soundboard for children

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Best animal noises on your mobile so that your children learn to recognize animals each sound! FREE! Very educational for fun learningSounds of cats, dogs, elephants, tigers, lions, birds, sheep, pigs, cows ... and many more. A simple application dedicated to the little ones will have fun clicking on each bug and hearing their roars and sounds, very educational. The images are very intuitive, very easy to understand for children to learn while having fun with this application of the best sounds of animals you have ever seen and ... Totally FREE!. MPC animals. With precious animal drawings.Have fun with your kids playing to sounds of animals and learn to recognize them!Images and sounds of high quality animals for the children to enjoy listening to the lion, the tiger, the horse, the frog ... Sounds like the Disney classics.This application is available from various authorized to advertising, remember that this application is FREE.The names of the voices of the animals, unlike onomatopoeia, are not intended to mimic the sound of the animal in question but designate, appoint and specify. Need not in principle have no relation to the actual sound that animals do, as if onomatopoeia, whose function is to represent. For example, the onomatopoeia of the sound a cow makes is "moo!" As the name of her voice is "moo".

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