Animaonline SNES Emulator


Animaonline SNES is one of the most advanced Super Nintendo / Super Famicom (?????????) emulators for Android devices, it is specially optimized to run such old-school JRPG’s as Final Fantasy , Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior), Breath Of Fire and other SNES games at top performance.Now you can play your favorite games on the go, the way they were meant to be played.Animaonline SNES is packed with a whole lot of neat features, such as network co-op and multiplayer using wi-fi or bluetooth, fast forwarding, state saving, cheat support (Game Genie), shortcuts to games, support for archived ROMS (.zip, .7z) .smc , .smw , etc.Animaonline SNES is Xperia PLAY compatible, controls can be mapped to the hardware buttons from the settings menu.Note: No ROMs are included with Animaonline SNES, in order to get ROMs you will need to dump your original SNES game, search the internet for guides on that.

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