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"Animated Controls" – the only ANIMATED HOME SCREEN WIDGET for your customized home screen. You have access to over 20 toggles + additional action on double-clicking for each toggle.Choose one of themes, transparency, labels and indicators color, clock format and font… – beautify your smartphone! PROCESS OF SWITCHING IS ANIMATED! SUPPORT DOUBLE-CLICK ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN`T UNINSTALL APPLICATION FROM SMARTPHONE:Because “Animated Switcher” was registered as telephone administrator (THIS IS FOR LOCK SCREEN BUTTON). Try to open smartphone settings: Menu -> Settings -> Security -> Select device administrators. When uncheck “Animated Switcher”. Now, you can uninstall the application. !!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT NOTE: FROM ANDROID 3.0 SOME DEVICES NEED TO BE REBOOTED AFTER INSTALLATION OF THE WIDGET BEFORE YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE WIDGET`S LIST.Features: Process of switching is animatedSeveral different backgroundsWidget transparency Customized color and visibility of indicators and labelsCustomized visibility of buttons dividersRemove widgets size from the list of widgets Save and load your custom profilesAction on double-clicking!and many otherAvailable switches / double click action – 2G-3G / mobile network settings – Airplane Mode / network settings- Bluetooth / Bluetooth settings – Brightness / display settings- GPS / location settings- Ringer / sound settings- Application manager – Auto-rotate screen / display settings – Wifi / Wifi settings – Auto-sync / syncronization settings- Switch APN * / APN settings – Battery indicator / hidden system menu – 4G ** / mobile network settings – Volume control- Application shortcuts – Clock / Alarm clock – Flashlight ** (tested and works on the HTC Legend, HTC Desire bravo 2.3.3, Motorola xoom) – Lock screen / security settings – Contact (call, SMS or e-mail) – Wifi Access Point – Screen dim timeout – Mount disk- USB Access Point* This function depends on the phone manufacturer and Android OS version updates ** First, widget try to direct switching of 3g-4g mode. If your phone does`t support direct switching, widget try to open hidden form of 4g settings. If your phone does`t support that form, widget open Mobile network settings page.Keywords: on, off, on-off, animated, switcher, controls, screen widget, tools, control, switches, toogle, toggles, animated controls, animated switchers, On/Off Animated Switchers

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