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Animify Lite is to animated notifications what Androidify is to… making cute android caricatures of people, I guess. Ok, this ad supported app allows you to tie tons of android notifications to animations and sounds from Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter and others. For each notification animation you can change pick the position where it will appear on the screen.For each notification animation you can selece a sound or just play a animation with no sound (or vice versa)Obviously not all notifications will apply to all devices (for example, trying to set a notification for a keyboard detach or slide event is probably not going to do much if your phone/tablet doesn’t have a keyboard!) Some of the notifications are really only applicable to sounds. For example, for a screen off event you will not see any animation, as the screen is off. Some of the many notifications that are supported:* SMS Text message received from a non-specified contact* Keyboard detached (for the Asus Transformer and such.)* Keyboard slide in (for Motorola Droid, Incredible and the like)* Screen On/Screen Off (Screen Off applies to sound only)* battery ok* Headphones attached/detached* Power connected/disconnected* USB mass storage connected/disconnected* Orientation change* Screen configuration change (Like for the Echo maybe?) * many moreSome sounds and animations included from:* Star Wars* Star Trek* Harry Potter* TransformersKEYWORDS:SMS ALERT ANIMATION NOTIFICATION SOUND ANDROIDIFY SOUNDIFY UNLOCK BATTERY LOW ASUS TRANSFORMER MOTOROLA DROID KEYBOARD SMS ANIMATED SMS NOTIFICATION KEYBOARD SLIDE SLIDABLE DETACH DETACHED KEYBOARD ATTACH ATTACHED TRANSFORMATION PLUG POWER CONFIGURATION LAYOUT ECHO ACER SCREEN OFF ON ORIENTATION UNLOCKED HEADPHONE GOOGLE TALK AIRPLANE MODE MEDIA CAMERA BUTTON PRESSED HARRY POTTER STAR TREK STAR WARS LUKE SKYWALKER R2D2 CHEWBACA ‘DROID CHEWY HERMIONE SPELLS KIRK SPOCK ENTERPRISE BWING XWING LIGHTSABER OPTIMUS PRIME DEVASTATOR BUMBLEBEE WHEELJACK BLACKOUT RAVAGE BOBA FETT TRANSPORTER OBLIVIATE WIZARD INCENDIO ACCIO DITTANY EXPECTO PATRONUS DARTH VADER TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT SMS NOTIFY SMS ANIMATE ANIMATED GIF SMS ANIMATED ALERTS CUSTOM SOUND MP3 .WAV PERSONALIZE SMS ALERT ANIMATION FOR NOTIFICATIONS NOTIFY DROID X INCREDIBLE XOOM SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET CUSTOMIZE SPELLS BEEPS SOUNDWAVE MEGATRON SMS ANDROIDIFY ANDROIDIMATE RESIZE CONFIGURE POSITION CHANGE VOLUME CONTROL SMS ANIMATION POPULAR SCI-FI SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY ANIME JAPANIME TEXT MESSAGE MMS ANIMATE MMS ANIMATION SMS ANDROIDIFY ASUS DARK OF THE MOON

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