The pretty curious red balloon, Loona, is wondering how high she can reach the sky. The answer lies in your hands….. So are you ready for this funny adventurous game?Just watch out for the hindrances you will encounter along the way.* Avoid getting under the clouds, they will block your way up and can push you down.* Rains and thunders will lessen your air. * Don’t worry, you can refill the balloon by collecting the bubbles constantly. * You can see your energy bar/air bar at the bottom. * Try to control the balloon in windy conditions. The windsock indicates the wind direction.* Most especially beware of the bird. Don’t get near it or else the balloon will burst once the bird peck on it….The adventure can begin… Enjoy the journey in the sky with lovely Loona!If you like "Doodle Jump", you gonna love Loona the balloon!Follow us on Facebook and Twitter:!/app2squareEND-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR ANDROID:

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