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'This application is not only extremely practical, it is also customizable and can for example be color coordinated to match your needs. The integration with the operating system works completely flawlessly' - androidmageApp Docker creates a quick access side bar dock you can add all your favourite apps to. Pro Version features the ability to add as many short cuts as you like.Launch App Docker and select your favourite apps, position and colour, your dock is then created. Expand the dock to see a Sidebar of your short cuts and long press to minimise the dock. The dock displays over all over apps so can can be accessed anywhere. You can now edit the Docks colour and transparency.The Dock is now completely customisable: edit colour, location and opacity to best suit you.App Docker is a lot like Rocket Dock for PC and the Mac Osx Dock.Features:Edit Dock colour and transparency,Long press to minimise and maximise, no longer accidentaly maximise the Dock.Add any short cut to the App Docker sidebarAccess your short cuts from anywhereApp Docker is quick and stableCustomise the Docks position and the short cuts sizeRuns 'silently', tap the side of the screen you have set to view short cuts (no longer a maximise button)

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