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內容說明:大又行銷顧問有限公司,致力於APP數位行銷與品牌消費者服務領域,提供各項客製化、模組化APP製作與行銷,並提供通路行銷服務。現有客戶:永豐餘消費品實業股份有限公司、美商台灣莊臣股份有限公司、歐德名店、怡人園婚宴廣場,阿水獅豬腳大王台北忠孝店、景升醫美診所、GO!味台灣、包安科技...等持續增加中。公司定位:一、專注於服務客戶,協助增加消費者互動黏著度與頻次,有效提升業績與實銷之專業行銷顧問公司。二、資源:業界深耕多年,結合專業資訊開發技術、數位科技,優秀資深顧問群,提供客戶專業且整合性之服務。三、願景:成為客戶全方位整合行銷服務之專業供應商。功能簡介:1.關於大又: 介紹大又行銷服務宗旨及服務項目。2.APP客戶: 大又行銷已合作的APP客戶及合作內容。3.消費者服務: 大又行銷與知名客戶合作之Show Case。4.帶您來大又: 提供Google Map導航至大又行銷顧問有限公司。5.預約訪談: 提供線上預約,安排時間與我們會面。Content Description:Big and Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd., is committed to the APP digital marketing and brand consumer services sector, the provision of customized, modular of APP production with marketing, and channel marketing services.Existing customers: the YFY consumer goods Industrial Co., Ltd., the American Johnson Wax Co., Ltd., Taiwan, Europe and Germany Shoppes, the pleasant garden wedding Square, the A water lion pig magnate Taipei Zhongxiao King liter medical beauty clinics, GO! Taste of Taiwan the package security technology continued to increase inPositioning the company:First, focus on customer service, help increase consumer interaction adhesion with frequency, effectively enhance the performance of real sales professional marketing consultant.Resources: industry roots for many years, combined professional information developed technology, digital technology, outstanding senior consultant group, to provide customers with professional and integrated services.Third, the vision: to become customers the full range of integrated marketing services professional suppliers.Features:1 on the Great: Introduction big and Marketing service purpose and Services.2.APP customers: big and marketing cooperation APP customers and content of cooperation.Consumer Services: big and marketing cooperation with well-known clients Show Case.4 takes you to the big: Google Map Navigation the Tai and marketing Consultants Limited.Appointment interview: provides online reservation to arrange a time to meet with us.

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