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App2SD helps to save the internal storage of phone, very easy to use!Notice: App2SD cannot be used to backup apps or data to SD card, after factory reset, all apps will be erased!App2SD is not supported by some Android 3.x/4.x devices, and you will see the "not support" warning when you open the app.#Features* List all installed apps* App to sd - Move app to SD card if it could be moved* Move apps back to phone internal storage from SD card* Clear Apps Cache* Sort app by name, install date, app size* Show total internal storage and available internal storage* Show total storage of SD card and available storage* Uninstall app* Open/Switch to app* Search app in google market* Notification when there is new app installed which can be moved to SD card* Warning on not recommended moving* Support Android 2.2/2.3If someone interested in participating in translation of the app to Portuguese, please contact us!Users report the following devices do not support the "Clear all cache" function:* HTC Thunderbolt**Better sending feedback then rating 1 start*****************************INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!***************************#DescriptionApp2SD is a tool to help move app to SD card to save internal storage of phone. It's very easy to use, and when you open the app, you will find 3 tabs: "On Phone", "On SD Card", "On Phone Only"."On Phone" - apps are installed in internal memory of phone and they can be moved to SD card."On SD Card" - apps are installed on SD card."On Phone Only" - apps are installed in internal memory, but they are not supported to be moved to SD card or they are not allowed to be moved to SD card by the system limitation.In the "On Phone" app list, click on the app that you want to move app to SD card, and you will get a application details interface, then click the "Move to SD card" button and wait for it's done.It's same to move apps back to internal memory, just go to the "On SD Card" tab, click the apps that want to move.By long click on the app, there will be a poped up context menu for more options, you can click "Uninstall" to uninstall the app.Notification will be send if there is new app installed and it can be moved to SD card.*For more help, click "Menu"->"Help".*Any questions, please get help by clicking "Menu"->"Feedback".#FAQ1. What is "App 2 SD"?"App 2 SD" is short for app to SD card, and it is also called app to sd.2. Why do so many apps that cannot App2SD?Only the app is configured to supported to be installed on SD card by the developer that can it App2SD. So you will see many apps are "On Phone Only".3. What does the green and orange icon mean?The green icon means that the app can be moved.The orange icon means that the app is not recommended to be moving to SD card because it might cause the app not work propertly.#KWapp 2 sd, app to sd

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