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Resources fashion apparel "Apparel Website" android app you can check the popularity of content. Fashion news, street snaps, fashion blog updated daily on weekdays! (OS compatible ※: Over Android 2.1) "Street Snap" Tokyo, Paris, Milan, NY, Osaka, you can check the real fashion trend snap cut street fashion from around the world such as Shanghai. . "Aparogu" fashion business savvy bloggers "blog people" industry, including the designers photographers 'creative blog', with popular brands Press - "Shop Blog "etc., is a portal dedicated to fashion blogs. "fashion news" apparel-you can check the latest news on fashion apparel to edit ◆ Street snaps at the bottom left - [app features "snap" can be viewed from the icon. Select a city from the flag icon is a list of years when you click the picture. Click photo to enlarge the photo you want. When you flick left or right to switch back and forth in the photo. ◆ Aparogu new articles in the lower left "Blog" can be viewed from the icon. Categories from the blog name "blog" → "Article Title" and select the order you can see the new articles. ◆ New Fashion news article at the bottom right "News" can be viewed from the icon. News category, all categories in the News News News News "provides news media the name" → "Article Title" and select the order you can see the new articles each medium. Apparelweb Tokyo, Harajuku, Shibuya, Akihabara ... You can find the latest fashion trends in Japan. We currently run an online portal for the apparel industry called Apparel Web. Http://www.apparel-web. com /

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