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** AppGarden for Android Rolls Together Dozens Of Useful Tools into One App – **** AppGarden Brings a Slew of Useful Utilities – XDA developers **** App Garden: A Swiss Army Knife for Your Phone – Appstorm **A collection of useful utilities in one simple easy to use app. Several apps also have several sources to choose from. Here is a small sample of what’s available and more coming soon. Also, I’d like to extend a big thank you to the great people over at stands4 for their great support and API access.AbbreviationsConversions: acceleration, area, bandwidth/data type, circular measure, currency, decimal to roman numeral, energy, flow rate, fuel consumption, length/distance, liquid volume, power, pressure, sound, time, temperature, wavelength to RGB, weight/massDays untilArea code lookupBi-gram phrasesAirport codesCountdown timerDictionary w/ 3 sourcesExample word usageFilm related: Film information such as cast, cost etc, Rotten tomatoes reviewsDiscount calculatorMortgage calculatorSales tax calculatorStandard calculatorReminders / AlarmsQR code scannerTip calculatorBasal metabolic rateBody fatBody Mass Index (BMI)Daily caloric intakeMax heart rateOne rep maxTarget heart rateWaist to hip ratioWater intakeFitness relatedHoliday listings from 6 countriesMappingMusic related: Album art, artist information, artist image, similar artists, events via gps, track/song informationOhm’s LawPhrasesPastebinPostal code lookupPronunciationsQuestion and answerRandom numberRandom passwordRandom quoteSlangSpelling suggestionsStock quoteStopwatchSyllablesSynonymsSystem statsTimezone information using latitude/longitude or using current GPS positionThesaurus w/ 3 sourcesUrban URL shortenerWeather using GPS, zipcode, city, alertsWhois lookupWikipediaStatusbar notesAudio recorderWord etymology Word of the dayRhyming words w/ 2 sources.Country informationCurrent elevationNeighborhood information* Text Utilities- Escape/Unescape URL’s, URI’s, & XML- Encode/decode Base64- Adjust cases to/from UPPERCASE, lowercase, sWITCH cASE, Title Case, First letter of sentence- Trim leading and trailing spaces- Convert String to hex and vice versa- Search and replace feature- Text statistics which include word count, line numbers, character count, space count, word occurences including percentages.- Import plain text files via SD or internal memory- Export changes as plain text files- Lexical density- Display word count based on word length- Display unique word count- Average word length- Characters without spaces- Convert binary to string and vice versa* File compare – import/compare text files and hilight differences- Percent calculators* gross margin* percent calculator* percent change* percent increase/decrease* percentage- Dice roller* Wallpapers / backgrounds* On this day- Audio frequencies- Integer set generator- List randomizer- Names- Playing card shuffler- Sequence generator

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