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ApproachApp is a training tool to get you confident at approaching women.I have spent years studying why guys find it so difficult to approach women. In nite-clubs or even during the day, most guys are simply terrified to approach a strange girl, especially if she is good looking. I have developed ApproachApp to help solve this issue.With ApproachApp, you score points for completing various challenges that all involve doing things to get your energy levels up and then approaching women.The trick with ApproachApp is HOW it gets you to do these challenges. I realised that the brain can be tricked into doing difficult things by being ORDERED to do them and being under a TIME CONSTRAINT. The brain can only focus on one thing. So instead of thinking of all the reasons NOT to approach, your brain only focuses on the task in hand – approach her, say the prompted line and that’s it. What happens after that is unimportant(you’ve already scored your points). I found this worked incredible well with regards to approaching women, and I have being using this app for a year now. And of course, the more approaches you do, the better you get and the easier it becomes. The aim is to score as high as you can in one night. You then log your score and try beat it the next night.The scores are awarded as follows:1) – GET IN STATE (2 points): These challenges are designed to get your energy levels up. There are easy to do and do NOT require approaching women for the sake of starting an interaction. You will usually do a few of these before trying the approach challenges.2) – APPROACH (5 points): Approach a girl or set of girls. Use the tested introductory lines.Once in a set of girls you must be aware of 4 bonus challenges:1) Sustain touch her for 5 seconds. (30pts)2) Get her number(50pts).3) Kiss her(100pts).4) Bounce her to another venue/ apartment/ club etc..(100pts).When and if you leave the set you will reward yourself these bonus points if you managed to do them. As you can see the big points are scored when you are already talking to a girl. This encourages you to quickly get up to this level.For me, I always try to score the 30 points for the sustain touch. If I really like her, I go for the number. If I get a good vibe off her, I focus on trying to kiss her – when you get good at this, watch your score skyrocket!. and of course, if I’m having great fun with her, we usually bounce to another club, or if I’m lucky, back to her/my place:)Of course, it will take you some time to get to this level. Approach app is designed for the beginner. If you have a real difficulty in approaching any girl, this app is for you. Remember, You can just keep pressing the "get in state "button and score 2 points as long as you want. But you will feel your "state" rising and soon you will actually want to approach, and start playing for bigger points.ApproachApp also has a video section. It will connect to the ApproachApp video database which holds all the latest videos of guys using ApproachApp in real clubs. Here you can learn fromthe pros, Watch how its done, and how quickly you can get good at this.For me and the guys who have being using ApproachApp for the last year, We have all noticed the effect using ApproachApp has had on us. We have all become WAY more confident around women. We can do things we could only have imagined years previously, like walking right up to a hot girl and just start kissing her with out saying a word. With ApproachApp this sort of stuff becomes routine. Remember, you can read all the material you like on the subject of girls and dating, but I can guarantee you, unless you get out there and start practising , you will NEVER learn a thing. ApproachAPP is PROACTIVE. It gets you out there and for that reason we have found that it is one of the ONLY effective methods of learning the art of Approach.So get out there and start having fun!:)Fredrick Browne, (ApproachApp Developer)

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