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Apps Sharing Quickly supports share the downloaded apps with your friends. You can share via Bluetooth, Gmail or Messaging. The sharing file is html format and when your friends accept it, they can open and enter the app downloading page in app market. In the market, they can get all information of the sharing apps and then decide if download.FEATURES:~ Free app sharing tool on this market.~ View all downloaded apps.~ Quickly sending speed.~ Send html file instead of apk file. It is much more small.ADVANTAGES:~ The receiver can enter the downloading web and search all info about it.~ Decision made by the file accept person. You can choose download app or not by yourself.~ Because the web file is much more small than apk file, so the sending speed is more quickly!The sharing way can be Bluetooth (arounded sharing), Gmail (distance sharing) and Messaging or other devices supported on android phone. ——————————————————————————-Ad statement: Everyone can install this android app to phone without paying. To keep software free, we cooperate with othercompany and allow add some icon advertisements or notification ads. Hope you can understand us.——————————————————————————–If you need this app, just download free. I think you are good enough to rate with five stars.What is sharing? Sharing disjoints the connection between the usage and ownership of the product. Products are usually sold because a buyer aims to use the product or the buyer intends to sell it to someone who would use it, as a result, sharing a product might reduce the product’s demand by reducing the number of people who aim to acquire it to use it. Though sharing is touted as an economical and environmental aid to the public (carpooling, shared apartments, so on.), many businesses perceive it as a threat because of its assumed effect on their profitability. This has resulted in protection laws (like copyright provisions denying owners the right to perform or display the work publicly) to curb sharing.

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