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by On July 23, 2011
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This is Applications and bookmarks (favorites) launcher, managed by grouping and search. The application and the bookmark can respectively be managed separately for the group. The feature is to be able to manage not only the application program but also the bookmark similarly. It is convenient also for the arrangement of the bookmark that increases too much. The group can allocate the same one item to two or more groups. It comes to be able to access the application program and the web quickly by making the group that puts the one often used because the group that opened at the end is memorized, and it opens there when being execute it next time. Because in the menu that comes out from the icon of the application program in casting [shishite], there is an item of uninstallation, too the arrangement of the application program not used is easy and is also easy. Because retrieval by keyword can be doneWhen looking for the application program only occasionally used, it is possible to find it at once.

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