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iKey is an on screen keyboard with multiple languages support.This is one of the most customizable keyboard available.Its a Trial version. Need to purchase license after that.Main features:* Multi languages keyboard support via external packages* Completion dictionaries for multiple languages* Change Language while typing* Also completes your typed words from you contacts names (in Android 2.0+)!* Multi Touch support* Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all the way up out of the keyboard)* Voice Input support (Android 2.2+)* Gesture support: ** Swipe left or right to switch layouts** Swipe up to shift** Swipe down to close the keyboard* Theme support (comes with 3 skins)* Build-in user dictionary words editor* And many more features!* Full featured standard layoutsFull Language Support Through External download through iKey App Keyboard Add ons:ʘ Arabic - AR - اللغة العربية‎ with Dictionaryʘ Armenian - HY - Հայերենʘ Belarusian - BE - белару�ка� моваʘ Bangla - BN - বাংলাʘ Bulgarian - BG -- българ�ки език with Dictionaryʘ Catalan - CA - català with Dictionaryʘ Czech - CS - �eština with Dictionaryʘ Danish - DA - dansk with Dictionaryʘ Divhei / Maildivian - DV - ދިވެހިʘ Dutch -NL - Nederlands with Dictionaryʘ Esperanto - EO - Esperanto with Dictionaryʘ Finnish - FI - suomi with Dictionaryʘ French - FR - française with Dictionaryʘ Georgian - KA - ქ�რთული with Dictionaryʘ German - DE - Deutsch with Dictionaryʘ Greek - EL - Ἑλληνική with Dictionaryʘ Hebrew -HE - עברית with Dictionaryʘ Hindi - HI - हिन�दीʘ Italian - IT - Italiano with Dictionaryʘ Kanada - KN - ಕನ�ನಡʘ Latvian - latviešu valoda - with Dictionaryʘ Lithuanian - LT - Lietuvių with Dictionaryʘ Norwegian -NO- norskʘ Persian / Fars -FA - �ارسی with Dictionaryʘ Portuguese (PT) - PT - português with Dictionaryʘ Russian - RU - Ру��кий �зык with Dictionaryʘ Spanish - ES - Español with Dictionaryʘ Tamil - TA - தமிழ�ʘ Thai - TH - ไทยʘ Ukrainian - UK - україн�ька мова with DictionaryMany more language features are comming soon...

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