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Radio Fredo is finally available for Android!Get free arabic radio channels on your device! This application comes with 19 free preset channels: 1. Arab Detroit Radio 2. Arabesque FM 3. Fann FM 4. Goal FM 5. Mega FM 92.7 6. Monte Carlo News7. Monte Carlo Music 8. Musik Oriental 9. Nile FM10. Nogoum FM 11. Radio Al Mahabba 12. Radio Andalousse 13. Radio Hits 88.214. Radio Maroc 15. Radio Middle East CA 16. Rehab FM 17. Rotana Radio Jordan 18. Sawt El Noujoum19. Sound of Sakia (Sakiet el Sawy)You can listen to this radio in the background while using other apps with multitasking.Please note that each station’s availability depends on the station itself and its servers and streaming can be interrupted/delayed.Don’t also forget to check out our Tabla application on the Android Market to get a Drum and a Belly Dancer on your device!

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