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archify captures and organizes your messages, calls, browser activity and social media streams, making it searchable and accessible across devices. "archify is the answer to my prayers" – TechCrunch*Key Features** Connect and search through your social media streams* Find previous text messages from your phone contacts* Search your call log for past calls* Archive your mobile browsing historyarchify is a simple, smart, and powerful way to remember everything you’ve seen on your online travels. In addition to indexing all the web content you’ve visited, archify will take a screenshot of every page, allowing you to view the page exactly the way it looked on the day you visited.You can also connect your social media accounts to search all your online content in one personal search engine.* It’s easy and fast in finding snapshots and recent updates across all your network* Makes it easy to search old tweets, backup your messages and Facebook posts* Works across smartphones, tablets and desktops *Media Reviews*PC World“If you find yourself frequently searching for places you’ve been on the web or Facebook postings or tweets you’ve read, archify can be a valuable tool for finding what you want when you want to without a lot of hassle”"Lifehacker“archify offers a simple way to keep track of the sites you visited and quickly find that old link you thought you lost”BBC"If you are the kind of person who has hundreds of browser tabs open while you are working or are forever hunting back through pages of history to find that fascinating article you read a few days ago, archify could just change your life."*User Reviews*"archify is my perfect backup plan if I don’t have my research notes handy.""archify finds old links and conversations I couldn’t have retrieved any other way""archify enables you to re-find those interesting or relevant titbits of information that you had accessed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other site"Trying to remember the comment your friend put on your Facebook wall or that really cool review from the gadget blog you read yesterday? We thrive on finding the stuff you’ve already searched for and what’s happening in your social networks.******archify is the right productivity app for you, if you are using too many bookmarks and SMS backup services, Cloud Magic, Pocket or loosing too much time on Google or you are in search of a better and more personalised search tool for your day-to-day web activity.More info:

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