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Android ARDrone Flight Application.Control the AR.Drones and record video.ARDrone Flight has optional Platinum Features including support for V2 Drones, Flight Animations and Autonomous Mode via in-app payments.See ARDrone Flight discussion on forums.V2 AR.Drones require a powerful Android CPU - Galaxy S is a minimum requirement when using local video recording with overlays.This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.This software also uses the unmodified JAR of Apache Commons Net licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.See Animations: * Flight animations allow a sequence of flight animations to be built up and then played back when the Drone is flying. This includes V2 only flips.See Mode: * Uses you device GPS with Mapsforge maps to fly the Drone under autonomous control.Uses offline mapping from Mapsforge. See Autonomous mode is why the Location permission is used.See Recording: * Video recording to a file and/or USB recording on V2 Drones. * Local video recording with optional overlay of drone flight information. When used without overlay this is in HD for V2 drones.UI Configuration: * Fully configurable UI. * Control via tilt, on-screen joysticks or USB gamepads. * Individual icon, text and joystick scaling. * Separate joystick deadzones and sensitivities. * Colour slider to change on-screen UI colour of joystick controls. * Transparency slider to adjust visibility of UI.Flight Control: * Fly by tilt, on-screen joysticks or USB gamepads. * Use normal, absolute or combined yaw flight modes. Profiles: * Create multiple profiles for uses like indoor and outdoor settings; day or dusk UI; HUD on/off etc. * Profiles can be switched quickly from a UI icon.GamePad Mapping: * Gamepad mapping allows the mapping of USB gamepad buttons and joysticks.See Drone firmware:* Both the official Parrot download site and latest unofficial firmware downloads. Also see FAQ: by 3nslav3.Dutch translation by 3nslav3.Russian tanslation by sadko2000.German translation by Robin Kluth and Marcus Rathkamp.Any problems, please email, as posting a comment on the Market can't be replied to.

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