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CategoryArcade & Action
DeveloperOscar Manuel
Added3 years ago
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Google Rating3.7
by On October 1, 2012
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Arkandroid is a free game inspired by the famous classic game Arkanoid-90s, with an enhanced clone of these games: Brick Breaker - Brickbreaking - Purebreaker - Breakout - Brickbreaker dominator.If you have any problems, you rate the game with 1 star, writes and solve★ Many animated levels similar to Arkanoid★ Gorgeous graphics improving brick-breaker★ Weapons that you will discover as you advance in the game★ Valid for multiple resolutions: 320 * 480 480 * 800 600 * 1024 800 * 1280The arcade has many phases with futuristic graphics funds and will play controlling Vaus spacecraft. Destroy the bricks bouncing the ball on the spacecraft.The arcade is a free game that does not require wifi network or internet connection to play. Our Arkandroid is based on or also called brick breaker block breaker Arkaball breakbrick dominator or break bricks that once started Taito.Remove all the bricks to advance to the next level of play. There are many levels and not worry that the upcoming game updates will be adding more levels of difficulty. Get the highest score possible, each time you destroy a brick or you take an energy pill give you points.This game runs on high definition HD tablets besides mobile phones operate in low, medium and high resolution.The game is an arcade action for tablets and mobile phones that can not take too much for download as 3G wifi without password or crack. Share our facebook game to help you promote it and be grateful.The game arcanoid, breakout game, BrickBreaker, Arkaball, break out, baranoid, Krypton Egg, krackout, brick breaker, - Brickbreaking - Arkaball-Brickbreaker classic - Breakout - Arkanoid. is a classic for children and adults. Control a spaceship like the classic Atari Vaus. This game is a clone of the classic arcade remake of A tariWith renewed graphics that enhance the arcade classics that made Taito (Arkanoid) and Atari (Breakout) we all play in the MSX, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari, Amiga.Children can play, adults, the game is available in English and SpanishThis game will be almost as fun as the triviados or apalabrados or any game arcade / puzzle you find in google play.

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