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Veterans with VA hybrid loans should have this application.Conventional and FHA ARM holders should have this application.This application helps users find the index there mortgage adjusts to, and keep track of it. The application includes the two major indexes, LIBOR and Treasury Constant Maturity, as well as many other less used indexes. If you have a Adjustable Rate Mortgage, you should have this application to keep tabs on whats going on with your mortgage rate.Application allows you to see graphs of your rate over the past years. It pulls its index information from the internet, which means you will get accurate indexes whenever you look at your index.KeyWords:arm, adjustable rate mortgage, flexible rate, flexi rate, flexible, flexi, adjustable, mortgage, Veterans Administration Hybrid Mortgage, Hybrid, VA Hybrid loan, IRRL, IRRRL, Interest Rate Reduction Loan, Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, Streamline refinance, streamline refinance program, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 3 by 1, 5 by 1, 7 by 1, three by one, five by one, seven by one, conventional arm, conventional mortgage, FHA, Federal Housing Administration, Federal Housing administration ARM, FHA ARM, Mortgage Payment, Mortgage payment decrease, Mortgage payment increase, house payment, house payment increase, house payment decrease, save money, lower interest rates, low rates, check interest rate, check rate, check payment, check mortgage payment, veterans with va loans, home payment, home payment increase, home payment decrease, index, arm index, Prime, Prime index, Libor, LIBOR index, Treasury, T-Bill, London Interbank Offered Rate, London Interbank Offered Rate index, FNMA, Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, Call Money, Bond Buyers, Treasury Constant Maturity, CMT, MTA, T-Bill Auction, WSJ Prime Rate, Federal Discount Rate, Fed Funds Rate, 11th District Cost of Funds, COFI

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