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by On April 8, 2011
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A fresh twist on a classic game. This game offers a new style of gameplay using SmartPhone features.< Notice >24,August 2011 - Supports functionality on devices with the following resolutions.However, this does not guarantee functionality on all devices.・800×480・854×480・960×540・960×640・1280×800--Story-------------Pretty girls and cursed armor!?Only you have the power to lift their curse!Break the blocks to destroy the armor and save the girls!----------------------Key Features------Gameplay has been improved since the original game.Controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Enjoy aggressive and exciting gameplay of a classic game.Create paddles wherever you like.Complete stages and unlock customizable settings: *Play along with your favorite music.  *Remove armor parts by touching the screen in Gallery mode.  Create your own stages with any image!----------------------Gameplay----------Each girl's armor consists of several layers. You must destroy one layer to clear the stage, and destroy all layers to clear the game.Use the paddle to bounce the ball and destroy each part of the armor. After a certain amount is destroyed, a Shake Button can appear. While in Shake mode, shake your SmartPhone touch sideways or bounce the ball with the paddle and destroy the remaining armor pieces to clear the stage.--------------------<>1.Create a 320x480 image.  (The bottom 50 pixels will not show.)2.Color the areas where you don’t want blocks, white. *The Base image will have blocks even if its colors are within the R/G/B 255-248 range.3.Save the image to your flash memory(ex:microSD-card) on your smartphone

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