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This app is the camera for taking your own individual photograph!50 kinds of image filters are freely combinable!All the functions can be used for FREE!-- Hardware requirement --* CPU : ARM CPU* OS : Android2.2 or later* RAM : 512MB or more* Camera, Accelerometer, Touch screen, External storage (SD card) , GPS.-- 50 or more kinds of filters are prepared! --A filter is freely combinable. It can also pile up!You can make your own picture effect!The created picture effect can be saved.Import or export can be carried out for share.-- Assisted to be able to taken a fine photograph! --The following element can be displayed on the shooting screen and a setup of ON-OFF is possible.- Central line - Composition line (3 division, the golden ratio, and silver ratio) - Electron water semi- machine - The amount of Bure of a camera - Detailed information of a cameraFurthermore, the "camera shake relief function" in which camera shake cuts a shutter with the timing which seems to be sticks.-- The function to set up the aspect ratio to photo --A photography aspect ratio can be chosen from 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9.The mask of the shooting screen of a camera is carried out according to aspect ratio setting.--- A setup of a camera can be adjusted. ---The flash mode, focal mode, and a white balance can be set up.(corresponding to each terminal.)-- The photoed place is recordable. --The information on the photoed place can be embedded in a photograph using GPS. (* This function is come by OFF by the default.) -- The photograph after photography is also processible. --The gallery of your terminal -- if the tap of the share button is carried out after displaying a picture by an application and "ArtEffectList" is chosen, an art effect is applicable to the selected picture. (However, when a picture is too large and a memory is insufficient, this application is forced to terminate.)-- Test --The test of operation is done by Galaxy S II and Galaxy TAB.

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