Ask Some Zombies


Have you ever thought to yourself, "What would a zombie do?" Well, now you can get the answer to all your questions in the hysterical new phone app "Ask Some Zombies." If you have a question you want a zombie to answer, just think of your question and press the "ask" button! A zombie will quickly answer your question as only the undead can. There is much more to zombies than shuffling around eating brains! "Ask Some Zombies," will have you laughing in the middle of the zombiepocolypse! Featuring over 60 original photos and 180 funny sayings, "Ask Some Zombies" will be your favorite new app, and it might help you avoid becoming a zombie snack. Not only will the zombies answer all your questions, but you can also listen to facts about zombies AND get tips from expert zombie hunters on how to survive the zombiepocolypse!

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