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by On December 19, 2010
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OVER 5,200 SIGNED WORDS*App Guaranteed to work perfectly! Please email us if you have any problems at ON SALE) LIMITED TIME OFFERThe most complete ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary.FEATURES• 5,200 SIGNS• 765 Multiple meaning words• Multi-word signs like “don’t want"• 473 Idioms translated• Time• Money • Dates • Months, Years• General numbers• Finger Spelled Alphabet• Common Phrases like “You’re too late”• Cache/save video to memory (optional)OVER 5,200 SIGNED WORDSTranslate English into ASL, from A-Z, plus the entire numerical system, common English phrases, symbols and much more. A must have educational App.Learn Sign Language, by watching our professional Sign Language interpreter and instructor sign over 5,200 individual and multiple word signs. ASL is the first language for people who are deaf.Note: 3G, or WiFi Internet is required.Note: If you are a hearing person, there is no sound with this application.Note: You must have available memory (space) on your SD card to download the videos.CONTACT US: Comments, questions or support, please contact us at appsavers@gmail.comTHANK YOUHttp://

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