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aSmart HUD + is simple and clear vehicle digital dashboard featured by HUD mode FIXED SPEED CAMERAS DATABASE and simple music player.It visualizes your - current speed - average speed, - time, - heading, - altitude, - trip elapsed time, - distance/time/direction to stored Home location, - maximum reached speed (during the current trip or all your trips), maximum altitude and maximum distance to the starting point of your trip. Also it shows - color coded distance to the nearest known fixed speed camera; - it's speed limit (if known); - it's position, relatively to your moving direction, what gives you an idea is the camera in front or behind you; The fixed cameras database includes an information about speed cameras in - Europe (whole EU) - USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - Brazil - South Africa - Singapore - United Arab Emirates - Taiwan - HongKong, - Kuwait, - Russia, - Thailand. On approach aSmartHUD will give you sound and visual warning. NOTE: It's not guaranteed all speed cameras in your area are included into the database. However, we will release database updates right after the new information will become available. - Tapping the "HUD" icon mirrors all the text, so if you position the iPhone horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. 
Note: this mode works pretty well at night time and twilight, but on direct sunlight the screen brightness can be insufficient. - aSmartHUD can keep track on 4 speed limits, giving a warning (sound and visual) each time you crossing it. Normally, it's legal speed limits within cities, local roads and high-speed motorways. "Never exceed speed" is the speed you should not exceed under any conditions. Like technical limit of your vehicle or the point where government can arrest your driving license. - 2 functionally different screen themes. - Simple music player - stop/forward/rewind current music track; - Google maps screen - check your location without switching between apps.- Landscape and portrait screen modes. - 5 different compass styles, 6 color themes, 3 sound themes, etc. - Speed fullscreen mode (tap the speed indicator to switch into). - Speed history log chart is placed on the bottom of the screen. - "Records" screen (left upper button on the Location Info screen), with maximum reached speed (during the current trip or all of your trips), maximum altitude and distance from start. - Different measurement units (km/h, mph, knots and meters per second), display color scheme, log type, sounds and more. - Location Info (longitude and latitude, GPS measurement precision) and some more data. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY TO CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to

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