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Put your reflexes to the test! Try to survive through every level while asteroids hurl towards you. You must fly your ship at unhealthy speeds through dense fields of asteroids without being destroyed!Don't die, or you might have to view an Ad!!! **Shudder**Protect your ship by collecting shields and space dust, which allows you to survive an asteroid impact! Gain point multipliers when you don't miss any space dust!Blow up asteroids and buy new weapons and ships. Allocate your points to get the fastest, strongest, and most agile ship in the universe!See how you match up against other players by flying against others, or making it on to the global high scores list!==== Change History ====Version 2.6 - Updated 12/17/2012- More Facebook integration - Added the ability to play against a Facebook friend - Implemented Facebook's High scores API - You can invite your Facebook friends to play the game- Bug fixesVersion 2.5 - Updated 10/14/2012- Added a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All Time high scores page.- Created new gray asteroids that are much stronger than normal brown asteroids- Added a new weapon that shoots 5 bullets in a large spread.- Added the ability to post to Facebook when you get a high score.- Fixed multitouch bug for speed meter.- Fixed bug that hid the buy button on the store page sometimes.- Added a new way to control the ship. You can revert to old style on the options page.Version 2.4.1 - Updated 9/3/2012- Sound and CPU processing correctly stop when the phone is put in sleep mode.- Fixed a bug that caused users with a space in their name to crash a lot.Version 2.3.2 - Updated 1/30/2012- Ads are shown less frequently when you die- Improved the power of the new CrossShotX2Version 2.3.1 - Updated 1/29/2012- Fixed performance on some tablets- Added a new weapon- Minor bug fixesVersion 2.2.1 - Updated 11/24/2011- Fixed PVP race lengthVersion 2.2 - Update 11/24/2011- Able to play without server- Play again starts you from same levelVersion 2.1 - Update 11/20/2011- Fixed bugs- Reduced memory usageVersion 2.0 - Update 11/19/2011- Character data saved on server- Player search- Added a leveling system and 3 ship stats- New ship and weapons available- New speed boost item added- Added racing against others replays- Level progress meter- 20 Levels- 1 Endless Level- Local and Global High Scores- Collectible Shields and Space Dust- 3D Space Ship- Rotating asteroids and explosions- Game Sounds

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