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You can suffer from asthma. Or you can have it under control.Scientific studies show that the health problems faced by asthma sufferers can be almost completely brought under control with careful monitoring. AsthmaCheck offers perfect monitoring:- electronic peak flow record- individual medication planer- notifications of peak flow readings, checks and medication - clear overview of your asthma record: as list, chart or diary- functional and intuitive user interface- symptom control with a simple 5-point check (GINA) - smoking and sport tracking- comprehensive statistical evaluation- send data by e-mailMedication planerAsthmaCheck will mean less discomfort and reduced medication. The aim of modern asthma therapies is to completely bring the illness under control using as little medication as possible. AsthmaCheck will help you optimally record your data and reduce your medication. Clear data recordAsthmaCheck helps patients to help themselves. The App was specially developed by pulmonary specialists to assist patients to optimally and independently manage their illness. Thanks to the App’s intuitive user interface and its simple design and icons, patients have a clear record of their readings, allowing them to keep a careful eye on their asthma Notifications Let AsthmaCheck remind you of medication, checks or your peak flow readings to specific point of times. AsthmaCheck will also remind you in case of low amount of medicine. Regular symptom checkMonitor your success with AsthmaCheck. In order to help you to systematically monitor your asthma, AsthmaCheck provides you with a simple 5-point check – in accordance with the Global Initiative for Asthma GINA – that you can run regularly. Install AsthmaCheck today on your Android Phone, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and experience how modern monitoring can help you improve your life with asthma. Contact for support, questions or suggestions: info@asthmacheck.deFAQ:

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