AstroClock (+Widget)


This analogue clock shows you the most important astronomical and astrological information at a glance:-Phases of the moon-The number of days until the next full moon-Sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, rising and setting of the planets and Pluto-Position of celestial bodies in the sky (azimuth, altitude, right ascension, declination)-Position of celestial bodies in the zodiac-Position of celestial bodies in the astrological houses-Ascendant, descendant, midheaven, Imum Coeli-The 5 strongest astrological aspects to the stars- Retrogrades- Timelapse-functionSet your own time and turn the hands with your finger! Watch how the celestial bodies move, see how planets retrograde and the phases of the moon change. incl. 4 widget versionsincl. 5 skinsKeywords:analogue clock, clock widget, phase of the moon, moon, sunrise, sunset, astronomy, astrology, ascendant, retro clock, steampunk, planets, zodiac, Gothic, Neon, retrograde

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