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by On April 10, 2012
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** Now with Horoscope for the Year 2013 **Astrologer is your guide to the fascinating world of Zodiac signs that will help you in understanding the secrets and the influence of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets on our lives. The application provides an in-depth look at each of the 12 Zodiac Signs and helps you in identifying your personality traits, strengths, career options and take informed decisions about your life. Find out about your Ruling Planet, Element, Quality and Yin-Yang.The following aspects are covered for each Zodiac Sign: * Personality Traits * Physical Appearance * Characteristics of Male species * Characteristics of Female species * Behavior at Home   - General   - As a Parent * Behavior at Work   - General   - As an Employer   - As an Employee * Finance & Business * Love & Romance * Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs * What's Lucky    - Lucky Numbers   - Lucky Colors   - Lucky Days   - Lucky Plant   - Lucky Stone   - Lucky Metal   - Lucky Flower * Interests * Safety Measures * AccessoriesHoroscope for the Year 2013 * The year at a glance. * Monthly horoscope. ** Get Daily Horoscope for all the Zodiac Signs delivered to your phone at 6:00 AM every morning. No purchase required and no need to upgrade to any Paid or Premium edition. **

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