This is an application which allows you to record, very easily, the time spent (Timesheet) on each task of your workday.The tasks are grouped into projects to facilitate their management and to obtain usable statistics.Various reports allows you to control the time spent on projects and their associated tasks, to obtain statistics by week, month or year.These reports may also be exported in CSV format to excel (or other software supporting this format) or into web pages. Since version 1.2, they can be sent by email.The first release included some basic planning functionalities for using reports to monitor the progress of projects and tasks, to detect the urgent projects and tasks or expiring tasks.The version 2.0 adds a Gantt chart feature. Viewing and planning your task becomes easier : you can, now, change a task planning directly from the chart, zoom to see more detailsThe design of this application was directed primarily towards simplicity and speed. The security of data captured over the months was also a priority. That’s why an automatic backup system was built.Available in English and French.For more information and full documentation (English & French), please, visite ATIPIC’s web site : Permissions requested : – Internet access : used to access Atipic’s web site in help screen and to send reports by email – External storage : allows backup and reports export to SD Card – Read phone state & Network state : mandatory to check licensing statusKeywords : Time Recorder, Time Tracker, Timetracker, Punch Clock, Work Clock, Time Clock, Timeclock, Worktime Traking, Time Sheet, Timesheet, Zeiterfassung, Arbeitszeit, Stechuhr, Zeitausweis, Timesheet, Timerecording, Timerecorder, Gestion de projet, project management,PME, PMI

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