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by On October 12, 2012
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This app is specifically about the Easy Atkins Diet. If you want to buy all famous diets at a great discount, please search for "all diets".Diet 3: Easy Atkins Diet. Dr. Robert C. Atkins established the nutritional principles that remain the core of the Atkins Diet. This innovative thinker worked tirelessly to help people understand how to lose body fat by implementing these principles. With every passing year, independent research continues to confirm the wisdom of his ideas. Easy Atkins Diet is a mobile app that guides you on which foods to eat, and explains why and how certain foods are good for you according to the Atkins principles. This app provides you: (1) A powerful Weight Tracker that lets you keep track of your weight, your meals, and your daily journal. The Weight Trackers helps you follow the Atkins principles as closely as possible. (2) Thousands of fresh diet articles, a unique feature that NO other diet apps have. (3) A discussion forum, open 24 hours a day. (4) A nutrition search for millions of food items. (5) Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. (6) Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) calculator. (7) A Food Planner, which can be used as a Food Tracker. (8) And much, much more, such as food tips, exercise tips, social trends, etc.

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