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AtoZ – Kids Learn ABC alphabet

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Teach your kid the ABC alphabet in English easily.The game is based on clarity, means the letters are the ONLY object shown on the screen, without any diversions, helping your kid to understand its meaning, and to stay focused all the page: application is quite the opposite from Angry Birds or Talking Larry... :-) You will not find any screaming sounds or self repeats... What your kid will find here, is a clear English voice for each letter displayed on the screen. The application is interactive and responds to screen touches and gestures (slide up, down, right and left) as well.The game is designed wonderfully to be child-friendly, and doesn't feature fun at the expense of education or vice versa. You as a caring parent, must give your love ones a chance to hear clear nice voice in English.====================Comments:by Kevin (October 24, 2011)Finally... A great app for developmentally delayed kids to work on their alphabet. Recommended. by Sima (October 10, 2011)Great app. Simple yet smart. Keep your kid in focus.====================This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets, with a special bar to adjust the size of the letter.Keywords: Kids, Letter, Letters, Reading, Educational, ABC, Children, Games, Kid, Toddlers, Toddler, Fun, developmentally, Recommended

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