Attack of the Spooklings FREE


Arcade Slashing Action!Cut down hordes of Spooklings in a desperate attempt to save your village!Combining a classic arcade experience with satisfying swiping action, Attack of the Spooklings is the ultimate pocket power fantasy.Features:● Unlimited Slashing Action: Fight an endless onslaught of monsters until your inevitable demise.● Deep Score System: Combos, Multipliers and lots of hidden bonuses.● No ‘Bomb’ mechanic: Slash away! Don’t worry about hitting something you shouldn’t.● Competitive Drive: Brag about your highest scores on Twitter. Google Play Game Services coming soon!● Stat-Fest: Plenty of stats to keep track of for the data-obsessed.● Ever-growing: We plan to make this game as big as our players want it to be. New monster types and game modes? Power-ups? Screen-filling bosses? You name it!NOTE:● Try the free version of the game to check if it works with your device● Get the paid version to enjoy the game without ads and support further development!

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