AttackWave ( Space Shooter )


AttackWave is a FREE slick retro SHOOTER GAME in the vein of Geometry Wars.Control your spaceship. Shoot through hordes of colourful alien invaders,leaving collectible multipliers as the invaders explode in glowing colors.Please note you need a mid/hi end phone to play optimal100% Real Fan-Comments:One word to describe this game………AMAZING @StephanieSimple, speedy, and controls well @TomLove this game. This is exactly like geometry wars. This is a wonderful game! @davidAmazing. Super retro space shooter @jAwesome game and graphics!! Great game play! @ramzAre you tired of playing Baloon shooter games, and like some good oldschool 2d shoot’em ups ( shmups ) like:Robotron 2084, Geometry Wars, Monster shooter, Pew Pew, Grid Wars, Space War, Invaders corruption, Alien Invasion, Radiant, Gun Bros , Space Invaders, Shoot em up’s from Kenta Cho, miniclip and other top-down arcade shooter games in space. Then get ready for some intense retro space shooting!Features:A dual stick control scheme that works!Great retro game graphics and particle effects.A great trance soundtrack by Daniel J Bijl.Plays great on tablets.Enemy invaders in the game:Spinner: Moves aimlessly around in 2d space, without a care to your spaceships current position.Hunter: Knows where your spaceship is and will follow it, trying to smash into you.Blocker: Comes in huge numbers, trying to block your path. Will not move before you are close to them.Splitter: Fast moving, will split up in several small fast mini moving entities when shot in space.Shooter: Coming soon…More enemy invaders will soon arrive.Your comments and opinions are highly appreciated, please review our games on market or contact us by Email.Keywords: Shoot em up, Shmup, Space Shooter Game, clip, Arcade , Aliens, Shooter Space, Free, Old school, Invaders, mini

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