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Squidz Cute Cartoon Under Water Art GameSquidz is a mobile app game that features a cute cartoon, in an under water setting. The free android game or google game, contains a game design featuring vivid under water art. The game is designed to challenge the players ability to establish a color matching system. Obtaining a perfect color match will reward the player but not having a perfect color match will result in a penalty. Playing the game:1. Look at the top of the screen where a row of items show the next coming drop.2. Move game character over the target that matches the color of the left most drop mentioned above.3. Points increase with each successive item matched. 4. Each target has 5 lives to start5. The target loses a life for each item that does not match.6. When the target is out of lives the player loses that target which can no longer match that color of the item7. Non Colored items dropped must be slashed before hitting a target. 8. Bad items will have effects like speeding up the game or removing 3 lives from targets. 9. Good items will heal the targets, or provide shields to avoid bad effects10. Items that have duration will show a bar on the right side of the screen to display the time.Best part its a Free Android Game!Search Keywords: 2D, Casual, game designer, game design, google game, design games, designer games, art games, squids, cute cartoon, under water, under water art, mobile apps, color matching system, perfect color match,

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