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This is a TV guide app for Australian FreeView TV channels with ad-supported.Popular channels: ABC1-3, ABC News 24, SBS ONE, SBS HD, SBS TWO, Seven, 7TWO, 7mate, Nine, GEM, GO!, One, TEN, ELEVEN, TVS, Prime …, available channels are different depends on regions.Select a region which you live from the 40+ regions’ list of Australia, then view your TV programs list.APP FEATURES:————-? Switch regions;? List all available channels of your region;? Now playing and the next three;? View all day list of the channel the future 4 days’ list;? View programs’ detail info in a popup window;? Share programs to your friends;? Save to SD on Froyo +;? Re-order and hide channels;** ALL DATA COMES FROM INTERNET, THE AUTHOR OFFERS NO WARRANTY. ** THE COPYRIGHT OF THE CONTENT BELONGS TO THE CONTENT PROVIDER.HAVING PROBLEMS TO USE THE APP? TRY:————————————2) Re-install the app. OR3) Send me an email.CHANGE LOGS:————v2.9- fixed the missing channels bug, but this update will lost the channels refine setting;v2.5-2.8- Primetime(6PM,8PM) option;- Main page layout changed;v2.1-v2.4- Re-order and hide channels;- Landscape view enabled;v2.0- New program source;- Now playing programs and next;- View program detail;ENJOY YOUR TV TIME!

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