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by On May 25, 2011
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RunWatch is a very simple automatic stop watch for runners. No complicated controls or operation, even no start/stop buttons. Just run RunStopWatch and... run.So run RunStopWatch, put it in your pocket and begin running. Time counting will start automatically as you run. To add lap or just milestone just touch screen in any place (beside Android status bar, of course). Line "Running..." contains time that is been updating during run, but not walking or standing, and number of jumps you made when ran. So when you finish just pull Android device from the pocket and see results. In the case you are finishing by walking you can or make single jump to update time or create new lap by screen touching.After finish you can select "Stop" in menu. It allows scrolling of the laps log and disables time update. After that choose "Start" for new run, or "Continue" to continue current run and laps log.Pay attention: this program prevent device go in the sleep state, so screen remains in "Dim" mode until you completely close RunStopWatch application. It continues count your run and jumps even when it's not foreground, e.g. phone call, but to add laps it should be visible on the screen. Don't forget close it by "Back" button after use, otherwise device will never go sleep and will run out of the battery.

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