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The Axle Weight Calculator will tell you what each axle (or group) weighs using just one scale that is long enough to weigh all axles at once. 1. Pull just your steering axle on the scale, then enter the weight next to Steering.2. Then pull up so that only the steering axle and the drive axle’s are on the scale, then enter the weight next to Steering & Drivers.3. Pull the trailer on the scale so that all axles are on the scale, then enter the weight next to All Axles.4. Touch the Calculate button and the Axle Weight Calculator will tell you how much each axle and/or group weighs and the difference from the legal limit.Axles and groups that are displayedSteering axle weight.Driver's axle weight (if you only have one drive axle it will display the weight of that one axle, but if you have 2 drive axles it display's the weight of both drive axles together as a 2 axle group).Trailer's axle weight (display's weight of 1 or 2 axle's like the Driver's axle).4 axle group: includes the Driver's axles and the Trailer's axles together.5 axle group: includes all axles together.Legal difference: Next to each axle weight is the difference from the legal limit so you can know at a glance how much you need and where on the truck it should go, or exactly how much you need to trim or unload to be legal, legal difference numbers will display in RED if you are overweight for quick reference.Weight of load: need to enter TarPay: enter Rate & Tar to find out how much the load pay'sYou can change all legal limits to your truck's spec's. I also included some federal weight table's (via the internet) to help you determine what the legal limits are for your truck. The Axle Weight Calculator will automatically work for both Lbs & Tons.Works For:Semi's with a short (under 40') or long (over 40') trailer.Spread axle'sTruck & Pup'sTransfers: whole trailer will be weighed at once as a group or you can weigh the whole truck as a group and get 2 separate axle weights for the trailer.Truck & Trailer's: same as transfersMay not work for doubles!

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