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Aztec Astrology and Horoscope by Lufanweiss puts the wisdom of the Ancient Aztecs in your hands. It features original artwork by Lufa (New Mexico's greatest living digital limner), which evocatively conveys the inner meaning of the Aztec signs. This app will allow you to discover your natal horoscope, reflecting the life-long influences on your destiny, as well as the horoscope for current dates, allowing you to plan for present and the future with uncanny accuracy...and even to determine which days cannot be planned for, but which require a dynamic response as they unfold.Each Aztec horoscope contains two components: a number (from one to thirteen) and a day sign (of which there are twenty). The combination of these two elements creates 260 distinct horoscopes. The horoscope generated for current dates applies to everyone equally (regardless of natal sign), and represents a temporary influence to be reckoned with in conjunction with the natal sign. The app is engineered (by Mr. Weiss) to compute horoscopes for dates ranging from 1905 to 2099 (following the scholarly methodology promulgated by Carlo Montes in his classic "Astrologie Azteque").Those perplexed or paralyzed by fear of Mayan 2012 apocalypse would do well to temper their Mesoamerican fervor with a dose of Aztec wisdom. Our archaeological team is happy to assure you that the world will *not* end in 2012. Indeed, this app will allow you to plan for 2012, 2013, and beyond. :-)

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