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Did you know that the amount of stimulation your baby receives on a daily basis has a direct influence on his baby brain development? These findings are supported by state-of-the-art brain-imaging techniques. As your baby grows, his brain is developing, and tiny synapses, which are electrical connections, are forming.As scientists continue to study the brain’s development, their findings continue to fascinate and educate others.1.The first years of life are the most important in brain development.2.The amount of stimulation your child receives directly impacts the amount of synapses that are formed within his brain.3.The creation of these synapses are virtually complete after the first three years of a baby’s life.4.Babies prefer high contrast images and pictures. This is why you see baby’s books and toys decorated in bright colors!5.You aren’t the only one who wants your child to learn. Your baby has an inate need to learn, also!6.Your baby’s environment will play a huge role in his brain development.7.Visual stimulation plays an important role in stimulating your baby’s curiosity, concentration and attentiveness.8.While toys and books are wonderful stimulants, simple interaction between you and your child is the best way to help his brain develop!This application includes:- Educational toy for babies (separated by age group)- Learning activities for baby’s brain development- More then 150 games for baby from 1 – 36 month- Toddler brain development- Baby development milestones- many moreHave fun with your baby while develop their brain and motoric skill at the same time!!

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