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Granny yells at you if you speed… Unlike all other speed-apps, this one knows the speed limit. Seven voice taunts plus one hard to find one. Also includes widget version! Now you can see the speed limit while running other apps. Seven modes: Acceleration gages show how much of a lead foot you have. Speeding ticket amount shows the ticket laws for US, Norway and beyond. Speed maps show you areas you drive and helps you edit your speed limits. Change from Mph to Kph in the Settings. Uses the worlds largest open speed limit database with all 13 million US roads and most countries worldwide. 36 million speed limits to date. 100% of the profits from this app are shared by all contributors (you) equally. No ads! Not avail on iPhone. Look for upgrade with granny "off her meds".—————————————-Lots of way to watch your speed and avoid accidental speeding tickets. 1. Normal mode shows the speed limit. Easy edit if you see one that is wrong, just correct it. Red shows excessive speeding.2. Map shows areas you have visited. Good for speed-war-driving or just for fun.3. Gages show acceleration, horizontal and vertical G- forces. 4. Speeding fines. Links to an international database of fines. See what a speeding ticket costs in your area.5. Cruise Control (DIY). The headphone jack hooks to your cruise control. See here: Widget. Nice concise widget shows the speed limit.Works worldwide. Mph/Kph.ABOUT USMany people ask, what government agency has the speed limit database? The answer is no one, that is why wikispeedia was created. Our closest rival is Navteq which has 800 drivers driving around generating $800M in revenue! We instead go the non-profit route of contacting states and other agencies to get whatever information they have into a usable world map of speed limits. Please help. 100% of the proceeds of this app (minus 30% that Google gets) goes to running the wikispeedia servers. No one has ever receives a salary or payment. Occasionally if we have an excess, we do pay contributors. If you contribute, you should expect to get paid.

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