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This is a mobile App that launches you into the web, again. It will show you a variety of websites and lets you add your own sites. No Walled Gardens!Due to the rise of the Apps the web is changing. While you are connected with the Internet all the time, the web itself gets less and lesser attention. Most of the time online, you are caged in Walled Gardens. Those are closed networks, only linking to itself. Think of Facebook and almost every news app. With those systems the variety, freedom and control of your web is in danger. The bigger gets bigger and the smaller vanish. With that also the potential for the next big innovations are in danger. All big applications were founded within small groups in the web thanks to the openness and the allowance of variety and mutations.Along with that you give your control about what to be found in app stores to the big enterprises. They can decide now.So we must get you back to surfing.

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