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Bacon Farts Free – Fart Sounds

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"Ohmygod I can't see through my tears!" "So I just downloaded Bacon Farts and I'm laughing hard! If you hold the phone TIGHT and put it in the toilet, the acoustics are freakin' awesome!" Now with Fart Bender technology to put you in control. Just turn the dial to change the pitch. Endless fart sounds and combinations from one awesome app. Practice your technique for even better results!You've seen it on CurrentTV, now get the whole collection of fantastic fart sounds with a delicious bacon theme! **********What the folks are saying:"Best Fart App Available""I highly recommend using the bacon farts app while in the airport bathroom. Immature? Yes. Hilarious? Yes""The only fart app worth buying""Swine flu is absolutely disgusting! You have a winner on your hands here.""The Bacon Fart graphic alone is worth the download"**********Bacon Farts - Bringing together the delightful savory goodness of bacon with the melodic siren songs of fart sounds; this wonder of modern science uses bacon themed flatulence to elicit laughs from friends and family alike.A FART MACHINE WITH A BACON THEME?!!Yes, dear friends, it was inevitable. Our "crack" audio team used a variety of questionable tactics to bring you no less than 27 marvelous, belly-laughter-producing, fart sounds.Armed with several pounds of bacon, a few bags of dried apricots, and enough garbanzo beans to feed an entire flock of pigs, they worked in "cramped" and often "windy" conditions to bring you such fine audio samples as:* The Sizzler* Bacon Bits* Crispy* Soggy* Bacon Explosion* The Canadian* Trichinosis* Naked Bacon* Swine Flu* ...and many more bacon themed fart sounds!So, for free farting fun, with an awesome bacon theme, you can't get it anywhere else. Bacon Farts Free.

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