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The EASIEST Way to Reddit is now the ONLY Reddit app with a "Redditorial" guide to the front page of the internet! Now with a NEW SLIDESHOW MODE in addition to our simple list view, enjoy your news however you want it!!!***2013 Webby Award Nominee***"Top 25 Best Free Android Apps" – Mashable“This is the absolute best looking Reddit app around.” –Android Police“BaconReader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android” –Addictive TipsBaconReader is tailored to the most experienced redditors and the newest redditors alike, making reddit so simple to use with instant access to news and post links, pics, comments, and everything else reddit. With features like subreddit grouping, keyword and domain filtering, and immediate picture uploading, you’ve got all things reddit in one easy and delicious place: BaconReader. Follow us at r/BaconReader for the latest and upcoming BaconReader updates and features.Current Features/Benefits: * Jelly Bean compatibility with expandable notifications and other Jelly Bean features* Complete tutorial guide to reddit, for new and experienced redditors* FULL Screen mode* Tablet optimized design* Sharp, ICS inspired design, with easier reddit navigation and more sorting options* Full user profile support* Color coded comment threads* Full featured reddit inbox* Rageface and look of disapproval support* Easy access to subreddits using the subreddit sidebar with long-press* Search for new subreddits based on name or keyword and subscribe to them* Please let us help you with BaconReader or reddit bugs or problems by contacting our support team at

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