This is an Application for simplifying the selection of Ballscrew..This Application Features:You can Calculate:1. Ballscrew Lead2. Diameter of the Shaft3. Axial Load on Vertical & Horizontal directions4. Buckling & Compressive load of Ballscrew5. Service Life of the Ballscrew6. Allowable Speed7. Allowable Torque8. Screw shaft Length9.Servo & Stepper Motor Resolution, step angleYou can Select:1. Types of Motor (Servo, Stepper)2. Ballscrew Accuracy3. Axial ClearenceTHIS APPLICATION USEFUL FOR1.MACHINE TOOLS (MACHINING CENTERS, LATHE, GRINDING MACHINES, DRILLING MACHINES,JIG BORING MACHINES)2.INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS3.SEMI CONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING MACHINESOTHER ENGINEERING FIELDS

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