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★ Balloon Animals in 3D ★ Dollar Origami in 3D ★The EASIEST way to learn how to Twist Balloon Animals and fold Dollar Bill Origami!_____________________________________________With this App, learn to make the famous BALLOON DOG (very easy) a BALLOON SWORD, (careful, it's sharp!) and a Balloon Bunny Rabbit, (careful it's cute!), and other surprises all for FREE. The App also contains 3D animated instructions for folding a duck from a dollar bill.The instructions are animated in 3D, so you can rotate and zoom the models.The app also has instructions for twisting a Parrot, Giraffe, Cat, Teddy Bear, Monkey, Motorcycle and Flower available as In-App Purchases._____________________________________________Balloons are MAJORLY CHEAP at most grocery stores and pharmacies, so no excuses and no sniveling!When you are ready to move on to the high quality balloons, go to or follow the Purchase link from within the App.★ When you buy your balloons from our store or the In App Link, you support our ability to bring you future app updates and new shape instructions! ★FEATURES:- 5 animated basic twist instructions - Just follow the animated hands!- Text Instructions and Hints.- Fully interactive 3D models. It's like playing a video game to learn Balloon Twisting!3D CONTROLS- Explained with pictures in the App_____________________________________________Rotate - Drag/Swipe one finger across the screenZoom In - Spread two fingers on screenZoom Out - Pinch two fingers together on screen_____________________________________________- Instructions going to fast? Slow them down with the touch of a button.- Don't want the instructions to leave you behind? Steps repeat until YOU are ready to move on.- Text hints and instructions for extra help with each shape.- Additional Shape Instructions will be made available on a regular basis!Tags: Crafts, Craft, Art, Arts, Twisting, Clowns, Clowning, Party, Parties, Fun, Kids, Activity, Activity, New, Skills, Balon, Ballon, Animation, Happy, Birthday, Free, Lite, BalloonAnimals

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