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Trial version, barcode with watermarks* Features- Ean-8- Ean-13- Code-39- Added support for UPC-A (12 digits). UPC-A is used for marking products which are sold at retail in the USA.- Added support for DUN-14 / ITF-14. Despatch Unit Number. Applied on the outside of the cardboard boxes. Convert any code, less than 13 digits in his DUN-14 equivalent.- Barcodes with beautiful Mother's Day decorations.( )- Now you can insert your logo or other image.- Preview barcode, fullscreen before saving.- Ability to choose and save image between 7 different sizes.- Added alphanumeric and image support to Code 39.- Allowed characters: 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-.$/+% and space.- Check to switch between numeric and alphanumeric keyboard.Create bar code labels in seconds. Also it allows yourself to verify if the digit control of the Ean8 or Ean13 is correct. For codes Ean8, introduce 7 digits and press the button Ean-8, for codes Ean13, introduce 12 digits and press the button Ean-13, also is possible to create codes of 12 numbers (12345678901 will be 123456789012), in all the cases the application will take charge generating the digit control and drawing the bar code, for generic codes use the button Code-39. The label can be saved in the SD card pressing the button Save as.png Label. Use the button NEW to create a new label. Use the button SHARE or acced directly to your external card, from the icon My Files, to share all the generated labels and later print it.Advantages of bar code : - Agility in labelling prices- Quick control of the goods stock- Low cost to print- It allows to capture quickly the information- The equipments of reading and printing bar code are flexible and easy to connect and install.- It allows an automate record and follow-up the products.- EtcIt is applied in : - Inventory control- Point of sale- Quality control- Turnover- Libraries service- Etc

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